Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Book Release - The Dark Side of God by Nicholas Boving

Nicholas Boving,  the author and publisher of the Maxim Gunn series of action/adventure books has just released a new book titled "The Dark Side of God". 

Book Blurb
David Morgan, an investigative journalist researching the dissolution of an ancient abbey is fascinated by a sidebar to what he sees as just another piece he can uncover and sell to the highest bidder.
Sylvanus Falconi owns the land around the Abbey of St Mary Zion and is the last in a family line that stretches back to a Roman Centurion, Gaius Sylvanus Falconius who witnessed the Crucifixion. He is the final guardian of a dark and explosive secret called simply, “The Keeping”.

The story is a deadly chess game between Falconi and Morgan culminating in battle on the Downs of Sussex and a final act of unbelievable destruction.

“The Dark Face of God” is part biographical exploration, part love story and part expos√© of the Falconi family’s long-guarded secret in a world of darkness and the occult.

Book Excerpt  -  A very short first chapter.



The star illuminated the mouth of the cave in the Judean hills, and the woman squatted on her heels, gently rocking her newborn child, suckling it at her breast as she watched the camel train busily about its night camp in the valley below. Her face, with red lips and sultry kohl-darkened eyes told of her way of life. She looked what she was, a harlot, but still she knew that the child she had born was the latest and one of the most important in a long line that stretched back to the mud walled cities of the plains and the land between two rivers, and would continue till the promise was fulfilled.
That afternoon she had seen the caravan arrive, had watched the three men and their attendants, and had known instinctively who they were and to where they journeyed.
She had smiled. It was not the gentle smile of a young mother, but the knowing smile of one who carried a great secret.
Hers also had been a virgin birth, but she had known of the other which had been conceived as hers had, at the same moment in time, for the infants were twinned, of the same father. But hers differed in that the girl child she had born was sired by the dark side of that father.
In all things there are opposites, for that is the nature of all under the heavens. There is balance, good and evil, plus and minus, and as the child born in the town of Bethlehem was male and the son of the god of light, so hers was female and the daughter of the god of darkness. To the Devil had been born a daughter.
The woman rose, pulled the child from her swollen nipple, and retreated to the back of the cave and the warmth of the fire, for it was a winter night and the snow had begun to fall. She laid the baby in a nest of grasses and lamb’s wool and touched the tiny face.
“Thy name shall be Esther, my child, for the great star that moves across the sky this night.”
That night by the flickering light of the fire she scratched her name on the rock wall and thus became the first of many.

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Congratulations Nicholas and best of luck :-)

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