Saturday, 30 May 2015

Book Release - Protest of Love (Book 5) of the Monday Mystery Society

Book Blurb

Mary Gardner is a successful career-oriented woman with a passion for work and books. She is part of The Monday Mystery Society at Acorns, the local bookstore in Oakville. Her life is perfect, in her opinion, till she meets Stefan. Things start going downhill as he infiltrates her work, her life and her heart. 

Stefan Larsson, a dashing European attorney fighting for the rights of the weak and downtrodden. He threatens everything Mary has worked so hard to achieve. He is smart but aggressive; passionate but dominating. He’s out to get Mary but the question is: will he remain unscathed? 

Book Excerpt 
“Found what you’re looking for?”
Mary looked up with a start. Stefan stood there; cross-legged, casually leaning against the wall.
“So the real estate industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Is there anyone you like?” she asked bitterly.
He slowly walked toward her, his eyes locked on hers.
“I like you,” he said as he came around and took the paper from her hand.
“If this is what you do to people you like, I feel sorry for those you don’t.” The office space suddenly seemed smaller to her. Nobody knew she was there. She didn’t think Stefan would hurt her, but she had been snooping around. He had every right to be angry. She wondered what he planned to do.
“I’m impressed. You don’t seem like the breaking and entering type.” Mary was not short, but Stefan towered over her. Her pulse started to race. She took a step back but stumbled on the chair. Stefan grabbed her by the waist to prevent her from losing her balance.
“You seem kind of distracted Mary,” Stefan said.
Mary could feel his eyes caressing her face and flushed.  She realized his arms were still around her and freed herself from his grasp.
“Keep your hands off me, Mr. Larsson,” she said.
“You know, all this sir and Mr. Larsson…it’s really not doing it for me.” Stefan flashed his gorgeous smile.

“Maybe because I have no desire to do it for you Mr. Larsson.” Mary glared at him and walked out of his office.

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