Sunday, 10 May 2015

One of Those Days - A Sweet Romance

Things are not always as bad as they seem. Elizabeth Jennings and Neil Baldwin. Two different personalities. An accidental meeting. One strange day. A string of events that bring in a ray of hope and love. Both don’t know what hit them. The result: a beautiful and unexpected Valentine miracle. Now available on Amazon

Book Blurb

Elizabeth Jennings has hit a low point in her life. Unstable job, poor financial situation and complex personal issues that make her just want to curl up and sit at home. Then she crashes into Neil Baldwin. Literally. And nothing is the same after that. In a span of one day, Elizabeth finds her very own Valentine miracle. It’s sweet, it’s unexpected and it comes in a neatly wrapped package in the form of Neil Baldwin. Just one of those days we all dream of.

Excerpt from One of Those Days 

Elizabeth felt flustered with him so close to her. She thought her heart would pop out completely when Neil pulled her even closer and softly brushed his lips against hers. Then his lips moved on to her cheek and down to her neck. “You feel nothing?” he asked, so softly he was barely audible. Elizabeth’s breathing quickened. “Neil, we just met. I don’t think―” Elizabeth started but before she could continue, his lips were on hers, making it difficult for her to think of anything else but how good it felt and how much she wanted the moment to last forever. It was no ordinary kiss. Neil claimed her mouth as if she belonged to him and his lips evoked a response from her that she couldn't control. Both of them were unaware of their surroundings as they kissed there on the sidewalk. Rain fell on their faces, people walked past them and cars rushed on, but nothing mattered except for this closeness to him. Elizabeth’s spun when Neil finally let her go. “This is moving way too fast for me,” she blurted out as she tried to control her racing pulse. 

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