Monday, 14 September 2015

New Release: Desolate World by Rashmi Pluscec

Rashmi Pluscec is the author of poetry books Chaos and Desolate World, and a poet on anthologies Threads, Passages, Ballads and Word Fest

An active member of Poets of G+, her work has been featured on Dagda Publishing, CommuterLit, Yahoo Contributor Network, and Amazon. Rashmi was nominated for the 2014 Mississauga Arts Council Award for Literary Arts.

Book Blurb - Desolate World 

Welcome to discord and discontent, to a hideous beauty and an enraged calm, to uninhibited anguish and unbridled fury. Welcome to a desolate world.

Book Excerpt

Wish Upon a Star

from the womb of the farthest

space, fell a brilliant star in a

smudge of dizzying colours. It

revelled in the primordial

memories crowning an ancient

universe. it gloried in the

surreal knowledge upon which

a world was built. and it carried

in its heart, the seed of a whole

new creation. perhaps an Einstein’s

mind or a Beethoven’s heart. Or

perhaps – just perhaps – it was

a god particle,

watching as it showed

teaching as it learned.

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