Wednesday, 17 June 2015

#FavoriteHeroines2015 Blog Giveaway Hop! June 17-24th

My favorite heroine is Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen's book Pride & Prejudice. She is strong, independent and confident. Every love story I have written and every heroine that I have created has been inspired by Elizabeth. I love how she has a mind of her own; how she does not feel marriage is the end all and be all of a woman's existence and how she does not love Mr. Darcy for his £10,000 a year but for the man he is and the man he becomes for her. 

My heroine Mary Gardner from Protest of Love has pretty much the same spirit.... she's strong and independent. Elizabeth Jennings from One of Those Days also does not care about money and material things ... she believes in love and trust. You can win a free ebook of both these books. All you have to do is share these links on your Facebook page  or tweet it on Twitter. Leave a comment for a chance to win 2  free ebooks. Giveaway ends June 24th.  

Thank you!

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  1. Rachel Morgan is one of my favorite heroine

  2. Jane Austen wrote one mighty fine character in Elizabeth Bennet. A classic for sure.