Monday, 23 February 2015

The Tooth Fairy Goes to School - A Magical and Fun Read for Children

I love teaching my children important life lessons through books. I have tried to use my love for writing to write “stories with a message” for children four to eight years old.

The Tooth Fairy Goes to School begins when a young child loses a tooth and leaves a note for the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy graciously leaves a reply that she will be visiting her school class on Friday to answer her questions. The class with the Tooth Fairy is an excellent opportunity to teach children all about their teeth—what each tooth does, what they are called, when they come out, why they come out, and how to practice good dental hygiene. She even teaches them a few facts about the teeth of some favorite animals. She leaves each of the children a talking toothbrush that tells them how to brush their teeth and explains why checkups are very important. The story is magical and exciting and answers questions most children would like to ask the Tooth Fairy.

The book is available on paperback as well as on Kindle.


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