Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Featured Author: Scott Berger

Scott Berger has been writing since 2006 when he got the writing bug after reading a chapter of a co-worker’s story. The previous 40-something years were spent gathering experiences or imagining them. Scott lives in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife Rita and a 100-pound Rottweiler named Puppy.

Scott was kind enough to stop by my blog and answer a few questions about his writing process. Enjoy! 

Why do you write?  
I write because……

Which writers inspire you?  
Sidney Sheldon and Stephen King

What is your favorite book and why?  
Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat. A true story so implausible that if I wrote it, calling it fiction, no one would believe it. So well written I felt like I was there.

What do you think is the easiest thing about writing?   
Coming up with new ideas. What is the most difficult? Editing. It's like counting the brush strokes on the Mona Lisa.

From books that have already been published by other authors, which book do you wish you had written?   
Good question!  Anything by Stephen King, I guess. His stories are classics, but I also learn about writing when I read him.

How do you market your books?
I'm new at it, so it's blogs, websites, and word of mouth. My wife makes a wonderful press agent. She actually helped make a sale from a swimming pool in Niagara Falls!

Any new release? If yes, what is it about?  
I do have a new release. It's actually my debut novel, Quite The Catch. It's about a Columbian woman who meets a vacationing doctor from Alabama when a cartel blows up her family's deep-sea fishing boat. She survives only because he pulls her from the sea and rushes her to a hospital. When she realizes she has amnesia, he knows he can't leave her. When another attempt on her life fails, the two find both the cartel and police on their trail. They realize the money the cartel claims her brother stole from them may be the key to their future ... if they have one.

Book blurb
When a Colombian cartel blows up her family’s fishing boat looking for their stolen money, Gabriela ConcepciĆ³n faces a new world. Her father and brother are dead, and she would’ve been were it not for a vacationing Alabama doctor, Royce Haddon. But when she kills two cartel gunmen, their situation goes from bad to worse.

Now on the run from the police and the cartel, Gabriela and Royce decide the stolen money, if it exists, is the key to ending their nightmare. But can they find it before they are found? And what if they do? Then what? Where do they go from there?

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